Family-Owned for Over 100 Years

Founded in 1914 by James Walker, Walker Foods has remained a true family business ever since. The current company President is Robert Walker, James’ grandson, and many of its employees have been with the company for over 20 years. The close working relationship of the Walker team creates a pride that is shared and tasted in every Walker Foods product.

What’s impressive about Walker Foods, is that the company holds several “firsts”! Walker Foods was:

  • The FIRST to produce salsa in the United States. Now you know who to thank the next time you enjoy a mouth full of salsa with your favorite dish!
  • The FIRST American salsa to travel over the border to be sold in Mexico – the Hispanic community has relied on El Pato’s Mexican-style hot sauce as a cooking base for over 80 years!
  • The FIRST and largest user of Cascabel Chiles in the world

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Walker Foods first product was the Yellow can with the celebrated “Duck” on its label. That’s what started it all. For over a hundred years, people have been pouring the famous sauce straight on beef, chicken, and omelets. Now, the company has added new additions to expand your palette – The Green Jalapeno can, the Red Enchilada can, the Red Hot Tomato with Jalapeño and the new, Green Enchilada can. Also, don’t forget to try Walker Foods Picante Sauces: Regular, Jalapeño and the new Chipotle!

Not only does Walker Foods create salsas from the finest ingredients, but they also manufacture “Golden State” vinegars, yellow mustard, jalapeno wheels and yellow chilies for retail and the food service trade. The chili products are pickled in a brine solution, which allows the product to remain crisp with no refrigeration. And keeping to its tradition of “first’s”, Walker Foods Golden State mustard has won first prize in every test it has ever been in. Pure, natural ingredients are the hallmark of Walker Foods and they are all that are used in their salsa, chilies, vinegar, and mustard.

When it comes to taste and quality, El Pato cannot be beat! Try the famous yellow can today to taste what 100 years of excellence can produce.

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