Walker Foods, the first to produce salsa in the United States, was founded by James Walker in l9l4 and has remained a family business ever since, The current company President is Robert Walker, James’ grandson. The company occupies its original site adjacent to the Los Angeles River in the heart of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The eight-acre complex covers the greater part of an industrial city block.

The company holds several “firsts”! In addition to being the first to produce salsa in the United States it is also the first American salsa to be exported to Mexico, and the first, and largest user of Cascabel chiles in the world. Pure, natural ingredients are the hallmark of Walker Foods and they are all that are used in their salsas, chilies, vinegar’s and mustard.

El Pato” Mexican style hot sauce has been a staple of the Hispanic community, who has relied on it as a cooking base for over 80 years. This yellow can with the celebrated “Duck” on its label pours out a sauce, which is terrific straight on beef, chicken or omelets. It is truly unique making it the single salsa in California. Along with the original Yellow can, there have been a few additions: The Green Jalapeno can, the Red Enchilada can as well as the Red Hot Tomato with Jalapeno and our new can, Green Enchilada. Not to mention our Picante Sauces – Regular, JalapeƱo and our new Chipotle!

Walker Foods also manufactures “Golden State” vinegars, yellow mustard, jalapeno wheels and yellow chilies for retail and food service trade. The chili products are pickled in a brine solution, which allows the product to remain crisp with no refrigeration. And keeping to its tradition of “first’s”, Walker Foods Golden State mustard has won first prize in every test it has ever been in. Walker Foods is true family business; many of its employees have been with the company for over 20 years. The close working relationship of the Walker team creates a pride that is shared and tasted in every Walker Foods product.

Walker Foods has expanded its distribution from the Pacific States to include the greater Southwest and Midwest. Consumers in Chicago are learning what Angelinos have known for nearly a century: that when it comes to taste and quality El Pato and Golden State cannot be beat!