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    Welcome to Walker Foods Inc. A family owned manufacturer of quality Food products.

    Our Company:
    Walker Foods is the producer of El Pato, the original hot spicy tomato sauce, and of the Golden State family of products. We are a company with traditional values, placing an emphasis on excellent service, quality and loyalty to our employees and to our clients.

    Our Vision:
    Our commitment is:

    * To help and support our extended family of employees.
    * To supply our customers with the highest quality products available.
    * To always give back to our local community

    We are a true family run business.

    Please note that our signature item is the El Pato hot tomato sauce (yellow can shown), used for many recipes since1914, it is a staple in the Hispanic community.

    ATTENTION - ALL WALKER FOODS PRODUCTS ARE GLUTEN FREE. For more information, please contact us. Thanks

    If you find a product of interest please send us an email requesting additional information and we will be happy to contact you soon.

             Thank You,

       Walker Foods

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